How to Make Money with Chat GPT

Today, everyone is quite familiar with Chat GPT. They know it as an incomparable tool that assists them in different sectors. It is an AI program created by OpenAI. Its programming is entirely based on machine learning algorithms. The tool is human-friendly and understands human tones and commands, whether written or spoken. Moreover, it is free to use. Yes, it also has a premium version that one can use if needed for pro tasks. Similar to Chat GPT, you can also use Stylus for some of the options provided.

how to make money using chatgpt

Do you know that you can now make money with ChatGPT? Read on to learn more about it.

Is It Even Possible to Make Money with Chat GPT?

Yes, it is possible making money with Chat GPT and many people are already benefiting from it. You need to know how to put the generator’s output efficiently. To make the best use of it, you must know to provide it with the right information and use the best prompts for the best results.

If you have heard of Ihor Stefurak, who developed a Chrome extension using ChatGPT. He successfully accomplished it in a record time of 10 hours and secured $1000 within 24 hours. He successfully sold it to Acquire where it attracted potential buyers. He also received bids from five buyers. This simply illustrates the potential of Chat GPT in accelerating the business.

There is another story of Jackson Greathouse Fall, who asked ChatGPT to give ways to turn $100 into a maximum amount. He followed the steps suggested there and started his website, where he could raise $1378.84 in a single day. However, the website was shut down later.

monetizing chatgpt

Considering these examples, one thing is for sure: anyone can use it as an income source. 

How to Make Money Using Chat GPT?

There are different ways to make money with ChatGPT. It can help you in many ways, from providing ideas to developing codes. You only need to have expertise in whatever field you are or some basic understanding of coding also works.

1. Writing Articles

One of the most common uses of this tool is writing articles. And it’s not just limited to writing blogs. Many freelance writers are benefitting from AI writing. It helps them in saving time, so they can easily meet deadlines and contract with more clients through online job portals.

With Chat GPT, you can also generate an outline and do quick research. According to U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average salary of freelance writers is $35.17 per hour and there is a 4% increase in their employment rate. With such amazing writing assistance, it’s definitely going to increase in the coming years. 

On one side, where it generates impressive articles in minutes, it is important to understand that the content generated might seem too robotic. Because it lacks the human touch, and the reader may not relate to or identify with it. So, to fill this gap, writers need to work on the content by editing and humanizing the extremely straightforward sections to bypass AI detection

Even though the articles are quick and easy to generate, you will have to spend some time in editing them according to the client’s or readers’ needs. Otherwise, it might get flagged as AI-generated content.

generate article with chat gpt for money

2. Writing an e-Book

One another popular way of earning money through it is to write your own e-book. This is also very simple and can be done in the minimum required time. The ChatGPT will not only generate your content for the book, but it will also help you with the topic selection and designing a plot, character selection, and so on. 

When Brett Schickler, a salesman in Rochester, learned about the ChatGPT, he took no time to grasp this opportunity. It was a dream coming true moment for him, as he always wanted to be an author. But, he never had the confidence to write a book on his own. Soon, he created his e-book using ChatGPT in hours and published it on Amazon. It earned him about $100, that’s not a bad amount for a beginner. Many other people are also using it efficiently and publishing their e-books with Kindle.

“I could see people making a whole career out of this,” said Schickler.

making money by using ChatGPT to write a book

3. Creating a Website

Forget just writing assistance, you can even develop your own website and make money using Chat GPT. A well-designed website can be monetized further to increase earnings. You don’t need to be an expert programmer for that. Only a basic knowledge of codes will help. However, the first thing is to know the purpose of your website to command it properly. Once you ask ChatGPT to provide HTML code for your basic portfolio website, it will generate that. Now, customize the website by providing it with further prompts. You can also ask it to debug the code if you don’t understand that.

generating a website using chatgpt

4. Create Logos/ Illustrations

How can I make money with Chat GPT? The answer to this is simple. If you are fond of designing, try creating logos and illustrations with it. Today, there is a huge demand for attractive logos for different products, including t-shirts, sports kits, bags, and mugs. Similarly, you can also generate interesting illustrations for home decor. 

To get this, you only need its subscription account. It has recently infused the DALLE-3 support, which is even more helpful in exploring the creative side. The benefit you get is that it can generate more elaborative prompts for the picture generator from your shorter ones. It also allows you to check the elaborated one for further suggestions.

However, the picture generated is not always accurate and could be even weird at times. So, you must check that before using and regenerate.

create logos with chatgpt

5. Translations

You can also earn money by offering translation services. The AI helps you translate books, novels, papers, emails, web pages, documents, and social media posts to significantly speed up the process. 

Once you paste the content to be translated with the prompt, you immediately get the output. Just go through the translated version and edit it for the desired changes.

use chatgpt for translating

6. Make Videos

If you are interested in making videos, use chat gpt to make money. How’s that possible? ChatGPT doesn’t itself create any videos, but it can give you multiple ideas for the same topic. Today there is a stream of YouTubers and influencers in the market. To survive in this field, it is more important to develop unique content. 

It also helps you generate scripts in multiple languages for your videos. Once you have an interesting idea and a powerful script, you only need to prepare your video and share it on your YouTube channel and other handles to earn money.

create videos using chat gpt

7. Create Presentations

PowerPoint presentations are also in demand in the education and corporate sectors. If you have enough time, use ChatGPT to develop the presentation content and earn money with it. You only need to give it the command or prompt for the context and topic you want to present. It will generate the content for each slide that you can use in your PPT. But again, ensure you edit the content first to avoid any wrong information.

using ChatGPT to create presentations

8. Product Descriptions

There are many ideas for using Chat GPT to make money. One such option is to write product descriptions. With the rising advertising market, every company wants to share its impressive product descriptions across different platforms and websites. You have an easy way to do this. Just command the chat, mentioning your specific requirements for any product. You can also provide its market and price details. And within seconds you get the output. You can easily sell these descriptions on several e-commerce platforms.

monetize chatgpt writing product descriptions

Risky Ways to Make Money with Chat GPT

Now, you know different Chat GPT money-making ideas. Along with GPT-3 and GPT-3.5, a GPT-4 model is also available. This one is even more advanced and accepts images as input. However, using chat is not a suitable option for academic work. 

You can generate various content with it but when it comes to writing academic assignments, essays, or research papers, you must use some better reliable source like Stylus. ChatGPT may not provide you with updated and accurate information, and the content can also be biased. While tools like Stylus are specifically designed for academic purposes, so there is no issue of inauthenticity or plagiarism in the content.


From the above discussion, one thing is clear, ChatGPT has increased your chances of money-making. The premium version is even more helpful and updated. You can even give similar prompts in different ways to compare the outputs. This is not only helpful in generating unique ideas and content for you to earn money, but you can learn a lot from it. 

Considering this tutorial, you can discover different aspects of ChatGPT and explore new ways of earning in this dynamic world. The only thing that you need to be careful about is not to blindly depend on its output. Always recheck, edit, and ensure that the information provided is correct.


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  • How to Use Chat GPT to Make Money?

    There are many ways to make money with chatbot. It includes article and blog writing for your freelance projects, creating your own e-book and selling it on Amazon, and using it for generating content for your YouTube videos and presentations. You can also use it for developing your website and chatbot apps, or creating logos, etc.
  • Can I use Chat GPT to make money fast?

    Yes, of course! It’s an amazing tool that quickly understands your commands and generates the desired output. It’s up to you how fast you implement them into practice to earn money.
  • What is the best way to monetize Chat GPT?

    The best way to monetize Chat GPT is through generating content for blogs and articles. Many freelance writers use it in writing articles for their clients. You can also generate blogs through it and publish them on your own site. This way you can earn money by affiliate marketing of various products on your site. You can also use Google AdSense to generate resources.
  • How much does Chat GPT cost?

    For basic usage of its services, you can use GPT-3.5 and it’s absolutely free. But if you are looking for its advanced features, you need to get the premium version of it. It’s based upon GPT-4 and uses DELLE-3. This version will cost you $20 per month.
  • Can I completely rely on ChatGPT output to earn money?

    Relying blindly on its generated output will not be a smart choice. There could be many loopholes in the content. To make your content more ethical, unbiased, and accurate. You must always edit before using it or hire an editor for this purpose.
  • Can I also use it for my academic assignments?

    You can, but there is no guarantee of authenticity of the content. There are other tools like Stylus, specifically designed for academic purposes.
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