How to Check for Chat GPT Plagiarism 

By now, many of us have likely heard of or used ChatGPT but let’s recap what it is. ChatGPT is a natural language processing model trained on data sourced from the internet and other private databases. It is presented as a chatbot that mimics human writing to write essays, research papers, scripts, and anything you can think of.

checking chatgpt for plagiarism

One major problem is Chat GPT plagiarism, which results from the model learning from the Internet’s data. Because it simply ‘regurgitates’ this information in a novel way and uses context clues, it could fool a reader into thinking a piece of writing is composed by a human. 

So, how do you check for ChatGPT plagiarism? Let’s find out.

How To Check For Chat GPT Plagiarism With Tools

Finding a reliable chatbot plagiarism checker that can do the job is challenging. At the time of writing, checkers for ChatGPT are still in the nascent stages of development and require refinement. However, what we have now can be used in a comprehensive approach to sussing out plagiarized content.

Before you start using checkers, you should know the following:

  • They cannot check all kinds of texts. For instance, pieces of poetry may be too short, and code is too standardized across use cases to claim plagiarism.
  • They may not always identify plagiarism. As such, we recommend using multiple widely accepted tools to compare results.
  • You can get false positives. Many of the tools available still struggle to identify plagiarism in ChatGPT’s responses, as they adapt based on input and produce novel answers.

The checkers crawl and index web content, conduct keyword analysis, check for non-exact matches of plagiarized instances, and report their findings.

What Chat GPT Plagiarism Checker Should You Consider?

Given how easy it has become to develop tools that check a Generative Pre-Trained Transformer’s work using the same technology, it is not surprising that there is a proliferation of tools offering to check your generated text for plagiarism and other issues.

You will likely encounter an untrustworthy solution if you don’t come prepared. To help you find a suitable AI plagiarism detector, we are listing some of the most developed and advanced checkers available. We have also tested all the detectors to prove that they’re working. You can see the screenshots below each of them.


One of the most widely known and used plagiarism checker ChatGPT users rely on is Copyleaks. The checker has been around long before ChatGPT was a thing, and recently released a report that found 60% of OpenAI’s GPT 3.5 outputs contained some form of plagiarism.

You get three packages, including an AI content detector, plagiarism detector, and AI & plagiarism detector, with slight variations in pricing if you get the annual or monthly plan. These plans offer you:

  • Detection across multiple languages
  • Multiple forms of paraphrasing detection
  • Detection of the most popular AI models, including ChatGPT, Gemini, and Claude, with over 99% accuracy
  • API Access
  • Export PDF reports
  • Sentence-by-sentence detection and reporting
  • Source code detection
  • URL and sitemap scanning
  • Image-to-text (OCR) detection
  • Recurring scan scheduling…and more.

At the time of writing, Copyleaks does not offer a free plan but a free trial allowing new users to try out the features before paying for a monthly or annual plan. 

checking plagiarism with copyleaks


GPTZero is a Chat GPT plagiarism detector powered by the underlying technology that makes ChatGPT possible. It bills itself as the ‘gold standard’ in help bypassing AI detection and is trained to detect ChatGPT, GPT4, LLaMa, and other AI models. 

The free plan offers users:

  • Up to 10,000 words are checked per month.
  • Premium AI detection models
  • Batch file scanning 10 files
  • The Origin Chrome Extension

Next up is the Essential plan, which offers the same deal as the free version, except you can check up to 150,000 words per month. If that doesn’t suffice, you can go for the Premium plan, which gives you everything in Essential, plus:

  • 300,000 words per month
  • Premium view
  • Writing feedback
  • Plagiarism scanning

The platform also provides access to a writing report, API, Canvas Integration, and a Microsoft Word Add-On.

gptzero plagiarism checker


DupliChecker offers a comprehensive suite of content-related tools. Its AI plagiarism detection offerings allow users to identify content generated by models like GPT 3 and 4.

With DupliChecker, you get access to the following:

  • An easy-to-use layout
  • Multiple file formats checking
  • Deep checks
  • Multi-language checks
  • Highlighting of parts written by AI

The tool uses NLP and machine learning to analyze and compare languages, conduct syntax and semantic analyses, and generate reports.

The anti-plagiarism checker has a free version that allows you to check up to 1000 words per search, but it has limitations based on the tools’ availability. You can increase this capacity to 25,000 words and get more efficient results, including paraphrased content.

how to check for chat gpt plagiarism with duplichecker

Plagiarism Detector net

Plagiarism Detector net advertises itself as one of the best online ChatGPT plagiarism detectors that can also check for grammar and AI.  It allows to upload URLs and files as well besides just copying and pasting texts.

It offers benefits that include:

  • Free quick search
  • User-friendly plagiarism detection
  • No advertisement
  • Multi-language AI detection

You can check up to 1000 words with the free plan and up to 25000 words with a pro plan that can be paid weekly, monthly or yearly, starting with $5/week. You can also customize the amount of word you want to buy, so you won’t have to pay extra if you don’t need a lot.

chat gpt plagiarism detector


Plagibot is a fully free tool used to check for ChatGPT plagiarism. It was created by a small team based in Atlanta, Georgia, that specializes in web scraping, parsing, digital warehousing and search, and natural language processing.

To check, simply paste your content in the text box on the website’s main page, complete a captcha, and then scan.

Its best features include the following:

  • Intelligent search breaks down the text line by line to ensure nothing slips through the cracks.
  • There are 15 billion plus pages to compare your content. The database is updated at about 1,000 new pages per second, ensuring meticulousness.
  • An easy-to-use and simple interface.
  • Lightning-fast and accurate detection

Aside from being free, Plagibot gives you a downloadable report showing a sentence-by-sentence analysis highlighting unique and plagiarized sections.

plagibot chatgpt plagiarism detector


While Google can be a convenient tool to check for Chat GPT plagiarism, it is not frictionless, reliable, or efficient. How can you use Google for it? The process involves copying a sentence and searching it on Google with quotation marks to identify similar content online.

The approach is not only time-consuming but also fails to detect AI. You will not get the benefits of a report or analysis pinpointing where the problems are. Given that one of the listed tools is free, you would be missing out if you used Google as a checker.

chat gpt google plagiarism check

Check out the table we’ve created to make an informed decision:

FeatureCopyleaksGPTzeroDupliCheckerPlagiarism Detector netPlagibotGoogle
PricingMonthly/Annual subscriptionFree/Premium plansFree/Premium plansFree/Premium plansFreeFree
Free Plan7-day trialUp to 10,000 words per monthUp to 1000 words per searchUp to 1000 words per searchYesYes
Premium FeaturesAI content detection, plagiarism detection, API access, PDF reports, URL scanning, Image-to-text detection, Recurring scan schedulingBatch file scanning, Chrome ExtensionCanvas Integration, Word Add-OnAPI access, multiple user seats, deep search, and downloadable PDF reportsN/AN/A
Word LimitVaries (depending on subscription)Up to 300,000 words per month (Premium)Up to 25,000 words per search (Premium)Up to 25,000 words per search (Premium)UnlimitedUnlimited
Paraphrasing DetectionYesYesYesYesYesNo
Language SupportMultipleEnglishMulti-languageMulti-languageN/AMulti-language
ReportingDetailed reports availableWriting reports availableReports availableReports availableSentence-by-sentence analysisN/A

How To Check Chat GPT For Plagiarism: Best Practices

Before you check a text, there are some things you can do to ensure you don’t get false positives or inaccurate results. Let’s examine some of them:

  • Check large text sections instead of small snippets for a more accurate assessment.
  • Exclude common phrases and idioms that are widely used and not unique to a particular source.
  • If the text includes citations, they could trigger a plagiarism highlight, so you should exclude them from the text.
  • GPT plagiarism checker can find paraphrased sentences, so it is important to check whether the meaning of the text is too similar to a different source.
  • Understand the limitations of checkers. They may claim to be perfect but aren’t and may not have access to all published material, especially paywalled academic books, papers, and other specialized databases.
  • Review highlighted content to ensure that it is not being flagged incorrectly. This can include quotes or common knowledge that isn’t considered a legitimate concern.

Limitations of GPT Plagiarism Checkers

Before you check Chat GPT Plagiarism, it is important to remember that these checkers are not flawless and have some limitations. Here they are:

  • Paraphrasing detection may not be available to find content that doesn’t match the source word-for-word but is plagiarizing.
  • Sometimes, checkers can be tricked by changing a few words in a sentence to evade detection or experimenting with the overall structure and content while remaining similar to the original.
  • Plagiarism checkers may not be trained on the right data for your purposes and can miss instances of plagiarism.
  • The effectiveness of checkers depends on the language of the text, and some may not have the right support for this feature. 
  • GPT plagiarism checkers may not fully understand the context in which the text is used, affecting the accuracy of the results.
  • Sometimes, you will get false positives and negatives or miss actual instances of plagiarism.

It is also worth noting that the abilities of GPT models could outstrip checkers if they don’t evolve.

Stylus: A Better Alternative

Stylus presents an alternative to ChatGPT users who want to work with a model trained on delivering specific types of output with academic rigor that students and teachers will find impactful. The model is designed with technology that ensures the content generated is original and not plagiarized, opening up an avenue for crucial academic and research support.

Stylus can also switch styles to generate human-like texts to suit your needs, cutting across creative writing, technical documentation, or even casual conversation.

Given its intended use in academia and research, Stylus is designed with ethics in mind, ensuring that the AI respects copyright and intellectual property laws. These features combined make Stylus a powerful tool for those seeking an AI companion that can provide high-quality and original content without plagiarism risks.


ChatGPT has proven useful, but our ChatGPT plagiarism checker list needs guardrails, especially for uses where it is not tolerated. From Copyleaks to Plagibot, each platform combines advanced algorithms with user-friendly interfaces.

These tools can help you find plagiarism and offer additional metrics like multi-language detection, downloadable reports, readability scores, and more. 


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  • How to detect Chat GPT plagiarism?

    To detect ChatGPT plagiarism, we recommend using dedicated plagiarism checkers like Copyleaks or GPTzero, designed specifically for that purpose.
  • Is Chat GPT plagiarism-proof?

    While impressive and capable of approaching text from many different angles, ChatGPT is not plagiarism-proof. You will need specialized checkers to detect instances of plagiarism accurately.
  • How do you choose a plagiarism checker for AI-generated text?

    Choose a plagiarism checker equipped specifically to detect AI-generated text or use the same underlying mechanisms for deep scanning and AI detection. Use user reviews and reputation among leading industry experts to guide your choices.
  • Are there limitations of a plagiarism checker for Chat GPT that I need to know?

    Plagiarism checkers for ChatGPT may have limitations, including free version restrictions, occasional false positives/negatives, and varying levels and styles of checking the content.
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