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myStylus is an AI-powered writing assistant created by a team of US university graduates to aid the next generation of students in their academic pursuits.
Our mission is to provide AI-driven support to students pursuing a degree, empowering them to excel in their studies. We offer free options within our AI essay builder, designed to collaborate with students on a budget, ensuring that nothing affect their academic success. With Stylus, students can improve their writing and research skills, allowing them to easily achieve their academic goals.

The Stylus was created to support the next generation of students

Our mission is to support students in their academic journey by offering AI-powered assistance. We provide complimentary options within our AI essay writing tool to help students who are managing tight budgets.

Team Introduction

Stylus AI is run by a group of people who are passionate about what they do. Some of the lead members gave us insight into their backgrounds, inspirations, and the hard work that goes into building a cutting-edge AI writing assistant.

Interview with Loury Content Partnerships Manager

Hi, there! I’m a Content Partnerships Manager of Stylus

Tell us about your background. What brings you to the Stylus team?

I have a background in educational technology and AI, having worked on projects that enhance learning through tech. I'm passionate about using AI to solve real-world problems, and joining Stylus was a perfect fit. Their mission to revolutionize academic writing excited me, and I wanted to contribute to that vision.

What role do you play in the Stylus team?

As a Content Partnerships Manager, I write informative blogs and establish partnerships with content creators and academic institutions. My goal is to enhance the quality and diversity of our content and ensure that our partners see the value in working with Stylus.

As an AI core, what is the most important goal you try to achieve within the company?

My main goal is to make sure our AI writing assistant provides high-quality, accurate, and contextually appropriate support for academic writing. I aim to make academic writing more accessible and efficient for our users.

Can you walk us through some significant milestones Stylus has already achieved?

Stylus has come a long way already. Our tech keeps getting better, giving our clients better writing assistance. Our user base has grown substantially, and we've set up a system to quickly add user feedback to make sure we meet our users' needs.

What core values or principles guide the company?

We prioritize integrity and want to be sure our AI provides ethical and accurate assistance. Our focus is on the needs of our users. Collaboration is also key, as we value partnerships and teamwork.

What motivates you?

I'm motivated by the impact we have on the academic community. Hearing how Stylus helps users improve their writing and achieve their goals is incredibly rewarding. Working with a talented team also inspires me to go above and beyond.

Interview with George Product manager

Interview with George Product manager

Tell us about your background. What brings you to the Stylus team?

My name is George, I am a product with 6 years of experience in technology fields and a cat owner, living in Bangkok.

I have been actively developing AI for the last 3 years.

I am convinced that this is the next big thing!

The Stylus team is one of the strongest I've ever worked with.

I share the company's goals and values + I am constantly learning new things from our stakeholders

As a product manager, what do you believe are the most important factors for creating a successful product? What is the inspiration behind the product you're currently working on?

High frequency and ease of use plus value which users are getting from your product. If your users can't do without your product - that's success and of profound as for the product itself, what got me hooked in the first place was how the product stands out from the rest. For example, the product works better than the rest with references (one of the most important parts in writing). Also, the AI model is better than its competitors: it is better at keeping meaning from paragraph to paragraph, it can refer to specific sentences in the reference, not just page numbers. And last but not least, the generation speed is fast, although the work itself is very deep.

Can you walk us through some significant milestones Stylus has already achieved?

It's too early to talk about anything, as the product is young. However, now we are actively growing and users are coming back to us. This is a good signal for us.

What core values or principles guide your team?

The team currently comprises highly skilled individuals across various domains: product development, marketing, education, backend and frontend development, testing, AI, and more. Mutual empathy and respect aid us in discovering optimal solutions

How do you approach failure and setbacks?

Any failure is an opportunity to learn and start again. In Product management there are no bad experiences, only wrong conclusions

What are your long-term goals for the company?

Create a product that no student can live without

What motivates you?

The main motivation for me is to see how the product you create really brings value to your users and keeps them coming back again and again.

Interview with Max AI Chief Product Officer

Interview with Max AI Chief Product Officer

Tell us about your background. What brings you to the Stylus team?

I studied in Tokyo and after graduating from university, I worked in the edtech field for 5 years. In my previous position as head of affiliates, I focused on creating custom educational experiences for each of our partners, which included well-known platforms like EDx and Coursera.

What role do you play in the Stylus team?

In recent years, one of my main areas of expertise has been AI technology. After the disruptive emergence of ChatGPT, this field has become my primary focus. To solidify my expertise, I have completed several courses and have taken on the role of CPO within the AI Stylus team. My responsibilities include discovering and integrating cutting-edge AI technologies, assembling the AI core team, and finding innovative and effective ways to adapt AI into modern education.

As an AI core, what is the most important goal you try to achieve within the company?

As an AI core, my primary goal within the company is to assist people in working and studying effectively with vast amounts of information. I strive to ensure that our AI provides well-founded answers based on reliable and accountable references and sources, enabling users to navigate the ever-growing sea of knowledge with confidence and clarity.

Who stands behind the Stylus generator, and who is involved in your team?

The Stylus generator is backed by a team of experienced AI developers who have worked for some of the world's largest tech companies. Their collective expertise and industry insights enable us to push the boundaries of what's possible with AI technology in the realm of education and beyond.

Can you walk us through some significant milestones Stylus has already achieved?

Stylus has already achieved several significant milestones. Firstly, we have developed a process that enables dozens of GPT agents to work together synergistically to solve users' goals.

Secondly, we have learned to utilize and rely on academic references, effectively minimizing hallucinations in our AI's outputs. Lastly, we have optimized our processes to ensure fast and reliable performance for our users.

Stylus has already achieved impressive milestones in terms of user engagement and academic integration. We have successfully assisted more than 40,000 users with their tasks, demonstrating the effectiveness and relevance of our AI-powered solutions.

Additionally, our AI has processed and utilized over 25,000 academic references, ensuring that the information we provide is grounded in reliable sources and research.

What core values or principles guide the company?

Firstly, we prioritize the rapid implementation of emerging technologies to stay at the forefront of innovation. Secondly, we heavily rely on user feedback to continuously refine and improve our offerings based on real-world needs and experiences. Finally, we actively seek to accumulate and leverage the best human expertise in our niche to complement our AI capabilities and deliver the most comprehensive solutions possible.

What motivates you?

I believe that AI could solve the problems of modern education systems and revolutionize them by allowing students to focus more on research and decision-making while spending less time on menial and repetitive tasks. This vision of transforming education through the power of AI is what truly motivates me to continue innovating and pushing the boundaries of what's possible with Stylus

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What Users Say About myStylus

Don't just take our word for it - hear directly from the students, educators and lifelong learners who have used our AI assistant and wanted to share their experiences with others!

Stylus has completely transformed my writing process. The AI suggestions are spot on and have helped me improve my grades significantly!
Sarah University Student
Dr. Mark
As a researcher, Stylus is an invaluable tool. It saves me so much time and ensures my papers are polished and professional.
Dr. Mark Academic Researcher
I was struggling with my thesis, but Stylus provided the guidance I needed to stay on track and produce quality work. Highly recommended!
Emily Graduate Student
Stylus is a game-changer for non-native English speakers like me. It helps me express my ideas clearly and correctly.
Juan International Student
The customer support at Stylus is exceptional. They are always ready to help and listen to user feedback, making the service even better.
Lisa College Professor

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